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The First Online Sports Nutrition Company In Cyprus! is the first online sports nutrition company in Cyprus. Our goal from the beginning was to make this web site the best source for bodybuilding nutrition and supplements in Cyprus, at the same time providing a quick and easy shopping for Cypriot people! The site opened to the public on March 1st, 2010 after eight months of development.

We started the online store because, as bodybuilders and fitness-freaks, we were tired of paying ridiculous prices for products that didn't do half of what the advertising said it would. We saw that these big corporations were getting rich by ripping us off!

The main problem was that the products went through so many "middle men", they had no choice but to charge outrageous prices!

The manufacturer sells it to a distributor, the distributor doubles the price and then sells to another local distributor who then sells it for a big profit to the retail stores. The retail stores double that price and sell it to it's unknowing customers. The end result is a price so high that you would have to be rich to be able to afford what you want!

So we decided to do something about it. We started a company that would cut out the middle men, and sell high quality products directly to the public at amazing wholesale prices. will also promote and review MR. CYPRUS bodybuilding shows with pictures and videos from the respective competitions.

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