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Price per Unit (piece): €60.00
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Product Description
Muscle Fuel Anabolic has been engineered by a passionate team of scientists with their focus on extreme muscle growth, strength and muscle recovery in the shortest possible time. At USN we�re proud to present this powerful muscle meal shake that is unsurpassed in potency and quality. It contains a Hyperbolic Stack that includes a Creatine Stack for increased power and volume, Glycine to stimulate�growth hormone release, Tribulus Terrestris for testosterone support, and Taurine to maximise the uptake of nutrients and amino acids. The six-stage Anabolic Protein Matrix contains Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate and High Isoflavone Soy Protein Isolate, which ensures optimal muscle recovery and lean muscle growth, while the presence of high levels of Glutamine and BCAA�s offers nitrogen retention, immune system support and improved endurance performance. A high-quality four-stage Glyco-Matrix Carb System, comprising Fast- & Slower Releasing Maltodextrin, Dextrose Monohydrate & Fructose, delivers the most essential carbs required for lean muscle growth and optimal glycogen storage. USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a convenient, tasty meal replacement shake available in a variety of flavours and perfect for any time of the day or night.

  • 50g Anabolic Protein Matrix per serving. Advanced Amino Acid Delivery Formula.
  • 14 300 mg HyperBolic Stack per serving to optimise muscle growth.
  • GH release from 5000mg Glycine.
  • 1500mg Taurine to maximise nutrient & amino acid uptake and energy production.
  • 7000mg Creatine Stack for muscle growth, power and volumisation.
  • High in BCAA�s and Glutamine to assist in muscle growth and nitrogen retention.
  • Lactazyme blend (Lactose enzymes) for optimal milk solid absorption.

4-Stage Carb Release Formula (Long and medium chain glucose polymers, Dextrose monohydrate, Fructose), 6-Stage Anabolic Protein Matrix [Whey protein concentrate and isolate blend, Ultra purified (water filtrated) high isoflavone soy protein isolate, Calcium caseinate, Micellar casein, Milk protein isolate], Creatine monohydrate, Dicreatine malate, L-glycine, Rice starch, Cocoa powder (only in chocolate variant), Stabilizer: cellulose gum, Taurine, Flavourants, Magnesium oxide, Calcium phosphate, Non-nutritive sweetener: Sucralose, MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, Avena sativa, Zymatech� Lactazyme blend (mainly lactase), L-glutamine, Glutamine peptides, Glutamine AKG, HMB, Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine, Beta-Alanine, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) powder, Ascorbic acid, Alpha-tocoferol acetate, Nicotinamide, Calcium pantothenate, Pyridoxine-5-phosphate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Retinol, Folic acid, Cholecalcipherol, Colourant: E124, Red beet powder (only in Strawberry variant), Cyanocobalamin. Allergens: Contains Milk, Soy and Gluten.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Serving Size: 3 Scoops (105g)
Per 100g
Per 150g *% RDA
ENERGY 1507kj�
PROTEIN 33.3g 50.0g 86%
FAT 1.3g 2.0g
TOTAL FIBRE 1.1g 1.7g
SODIUM 494mg 741mg
POTASSIUM 135mg 202mg 10%
CALCIUM 162mg 243mg 30%
PHOSPHORUS 306mg 460mg 66%
MAGNESIUM 28mg 42mg 11%
VITAMIN A 250?gRE 375?gRE 47%
VITAMIN D 1.3?g 1.9?g 38%
VITAMIN E 2.5mgTE 3.8mgTE 32%
VITAMIN C 15mg 23mg 29%
VITAMIN B1 0.4mg 0.5mg 45%
VITAMIN B2 0.4mg 0.6mg 43%
NICOTINAMIDE 4.5mg 6.8mg 43%
VITAMIN B6 0.5mg 0.8mg 57%
FOLIC ACID 50?g 75?g 38%
VITAMIN B12 0.3?g 0.4?g 16%
BIOTIN 20?g 30?g 60%
PANTOTHENIC ACID 1mg 1.5mg 25%

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