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LIPO CUTS X is the new thermogenic formula developed by MUSCLEGENIX. Its composition joints in only one dose all the essential elements for a good burner producing a great satiating, diuretic and thermogenic effect.

The green tea anti-oxidants received the name of “catechins” and these have the capacity to increase the metabolic activity, which produces an increase in the weight loss.

  • Acetyl L-carnitine helps the use of the fat as an energy source. The willow bark, on the other side, inhibits the trasformation of the carbohydrates into fat and also have an appetite regulator effect.
  • Caffeine has an reductive weight effect because it acts on the nervous level stimulating the adrenaline release, increasing the energetic waste. In its formula, LIPO CUTS X adds, to your body, other components that have a synergy effect with the caffeine: guarana and bitter orange dicrease the hunger feeling and increase the fat oxidation (increasing the basal energy expenditure).
  • Ginger dry extract has an useful satiating effect.
  • Thanks to the presence of the Horsetail, LIPO CUTS X has also a diuretic effect, increasing the urinary flow helping the liquid elimination and with this, avoiding the located fluid retentions.

All these components joined produce an important weight reduction.

The LIPO CUTS X formulation makes, during the physical activity, the utilization of all of its fat as an energy source, that allows to improve the sport performance, as well as more muscle definition.



Green tea dry extract (Camelia Sinensis (L.)) 400 mg,

L-carnitine tartrate, bitter orange dry extract (Citrus aurantium (L.) amaro) 332 mg (synephrine 19.92 mg),

ginger dry extract (Zingiber officinale R.) 320 mg,

guarana dry extract (Paullina cupana Kunth) 300 mg,

willow bark dry extract (Salix alba (L.)) 200 mg,


caffeine anhydrous 40 mg,

Cayenne powder (Capsicum frutescens (L.)) 40 mg,

anti-cakings E-470b and rice flour. Capsule (gelatin and opacifier E-171).


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